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Whatever Lola wants....

lola fitzgerald
live in the now.
, acceptance, action action, admit 52, adventures!, against me!, akron family, alkaline trio, animal collective, annie's macaroni and cheese, anthony burulcich, anti-flag, arctic monkeys, art brut, bad otis, baked potato fridays, beach fires, bhs cookies, books, bowling, bumbershoot, cake, canada, central market pizza, chai, chicago, chop suey, chuck palahniuk, colin meloy, concerts, dance dance revolution, dancing, drive well sleep carefully, drummers, drumming, drums, editors, eels, el corazon, emmy's vege house, europe, film, franz ferdinand, french kicks, friends, front row at concerts, gil mantera's party dream, googling, grey's anatomy, head automatica, hugs, indie films, indie rock, interpol, jason webley, kexp, kings of leon, live shows, local bands, london, mario party, math, maximo park, milk, mini-golf, minus the bear, modern art, monty python, morningwood, moshing, motion city soundtrack, movies, muffins, music, neumos, new york city, nightmare of you, ok go, oregon country fair, people watching, perry allen, photos, portland, procrastination on the internet, purple, puzzles, rain, recycling, rilo kiley, rise against, rock, rock kills kid, rocking out while driving, ross millard, rotary auction, saves the day, say anything, scrubs, seattle, seattle concert scene, seattle music, secret machines, setlists, shout out louds, shows, songs, sparkle puppies, stars, stellastarr*, storms, subways, sun, taking back sunday, ted leo + pharmacists, tegan and sara, tent city, the bravery, the decemberists, the divorce, the end, the futureheads, the graceland, the history channel, the honorary title, the lynwood, the moore, the ocean, the paramount, the pharmacy, the shins, the showbox, the sounds, the thermals, the uk, the vera project, the walkmen, theatre, thursday, trains, travel, trees, used clothes, vegetarianism, visceral, volunteering for democrats, walks, wilco, youth group